The fashionista in you

With the wedding season around the corner, November and December seem to be the most exciting and interesting months for Indian fashion industry. That day is not just important for the bride and the groom but also for the entire crew that put together the show. When the beautiful bride walks on to the mandap in her dazzling designer lehenga with all eyes on her, thats when the whole effort behind creating that gorgeous piece comes to light. The gold thread that was spun into that beautiful dress truly shines.

Every girl's dream wedding is incomplete without that dreamy, flowly and one of its kind gorgeous dress that takes your breath away and of course the Groom too :P 

Our fashion industry comes out with a huge collection of magnificent pieces every season. Every year we have new budding designers coming into light with so much to offer. So much to choose from, coming to the designs, colours, material, style, dress type and even the designer. All this got me thinking about how all this started. Who is behind this whole designer wear concept? 

The elite class has the luxury to directly pick their choice right from the top designers. While the rest of us can choose to follow or to make your own creation. 
So what do the rest of us who cannot afford a manish malhotra lehenga or an Anushree reddy floral dress do? We create our own look. We have been doing it for ages, much before the whole designer wear scenario had come to light, from those days when we held our mom's sarees and looked at ourselves in the mirror.

Every one of us are responsible for today's fashion trends. It is you who is driving the decisions of what to show case , what's trending, what's a hit and what's not working. We pick out what to wear everyday and what to pair with that cute outfit. We put together our look and carry it with grace. The whole neon trend worked coz, well we accepted it and followed it. Same is the case with stripes, florals, pastels or for that matter any theme or trend. So, in conclusion, it is all you. That's where it all started. Lets never forget that. The fashion, style and beauty everything comes from with in you. Let us keep that in mind the next time we stroll down the street and take their breath away.