Bath and bodyworks dupes?? Pink chiffon and Dark kiss :body luxuries shower gel review

I was strolling through my favourite section(bath and bodyworks/ Victoria's secret fragrances section) at my favourite store, Cinderella and Look what I found dupes for :D

and at a super affordable price :o :o :o

And yes they look exactly the same! The exact same packaging and the names are kinda close too :P .
The have a whole range of shower gels and lotions available for Rs.225 each. On the first glance, I couldn't really tell they were any different from the original BBW collection. Only after picking up the bottles to have a closer look at the fragrances and the shockingly affordable price , did I realise that I was looking at these shower gels by body luxuries. I smelled them out of the bottle and couldn't tell any different in the fragrance and hence decided to try them out. 

The best part is that, both the shower gels smell exactly like the original shower gels by bath and bodyworks. The dream chiffon is done after pink chiffon and the dark kiss is named the same as the original. These shower gels smell super yummy and fruity just like the BBW shower gels and surprisingly the fragrance lasts on my skin for quite a long time after a shower. 

Dream chiffon smells very fruity and pleasant just like the pink chiffon shower gel and the dark kiss has a strong balsamic and fruity fragrance to it. They lather quite well and leave you with a fresh and fruity fragrance out of the shower.  I'm a total bbw fan, but I would say why not try them out , when you find a great product for great price especially since bbw is not easily available in India and priced very high.The shower gels are a must try. But, personally I felt the body body lotions smelled very plain and seem to have very less or no scent at all. I did pick out a body lotion and will review it very soon.

Price: INR 225 each

Where to buy:
Cinderella , Filmnagar, Hyderabad
Kathiawar stores, Hyderabad

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Priyanka Boppana