BodyHerbals Shower Gel

I came across these showers from BodyHerbals on Amazon. I absolutely love fruity scents and keep looking for strawberry shower gels all the time. Since, it is quite difficult to find strawberry fragrance in shower gels which actually smell like real strawberries, I ordered this one right away. I was quite skeptical but this shower gel has an amazing strawberry scent and leaves the fragrance on you for quite sometime.

These come in quite a lot of fragrances like strawberry, vanilla, blackcurrent, rose etc and also come with a free loofah/bath puff in a matching colour. I ordered for strawberry and vanilla shower gels and I have to say I'm not disappointed at all. I already used up half the bottle of my strawberry shower gel and I'm definitely going to repurchase this one. I love the vanilla one too. It has a warm vanilla scent, more of a winter fragrance though.

Product Review:  Lathers quite well and smells amazing. The fragrance is quite long lasting too. These are perfect to layer with similar flavoured lotions and mists. That will leave you smelling awesome all day long. Definitely a must try.

Price: INR 249 (200ml)

Where to buy:

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