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If you are a shoe lover and fear (I mean love :P) that you will literally end up being the crazy old lady who lived in her shoes, you sooo get me!
(**wink wink** SATC reference)

I have always loved shoes and dreamt of having a shoe wardrobe, a candy land of Monolos, Jimmy Choos, Louboutins and well other know the dream(mostly any shoes actually :P). But sadly (when I think of it, really funny) there were days when I had just one pair of shoes for a long long time. Ughh! those days of stupid looking , funny pair of shoes which were worn on literally every piece of clothing you owned.

And then, one fine day, I discovered the truly magical and unbelievable paradise and every shoe lover's dream - street shopping :D :D :D

Along came the days of internet shopping and crazy high priced shoes, disappointing me and many other shoe addicts. Craving for my true love, I began searching for some sites and I found Omg! such good variety at affordable prices. I fell in loveee. <3 .="" p="">I got so many pairs over the years and quality has been amazing and they look super pretty. I do see a lot of people face trouble with delivery and read some negative reviews. But, luckily I haven't faced any trouble with the quality or delivery. The site says 15-20 days of delivery time and that is a very long time frankly speaking. I did receive a damaged piece once and it was immediately replaced. Since I really like the designs , I did get a lot of pairs over the years. Here is a full review and look book featuring shoes from SSS.

The best part is , they have amazing combos with 3 pairs for 999 and 2 pairs for 999 and some other combos.

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P.S: this is my honest review and has absolutely no tie up or any association with the brand or anybody else. I have been purchasing from the site from around 2012-13. And wanted to share i with you all.

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